• Young Republicans Urge President Trump to Focus on Policy and Leave Mueller Alone | Reagan McCarthy

    Written By: Reagan McCarthy

    Young people across the state are working hard to elect Republicans to office at all levels of government. One barrier, however, is the concern expressed by many people about the future of the special counsel investigation. Many voters aren’t comfortable with the idea of the President personally interfering in the justice process and, potentially, firing an individual appointed to look into Russian actions that may have touched his own campaign. As a result, they’re looking to Democrats as a check on his impulses.

    That’s why it’s so important that President Trump refrain from dismissing Robert Mueller and vow never to do so. Polls indicate the special counsel probe has the support of a majority of Americans, so threats to shut it down will only cost Republican support among centrist and swing voters.

    Instead, we should focus on our strong suits, including our leadership on national security and issues of law and order. Here, a positive stance relative to the Russia probe can be an asset. Far from implicating President Trump, the special counsel investigation has uncovered wrongdoing by more than a dozen Russians. Should foreign powers increase their election interference efforts in 2018 and 2020, our country could be compromised, with leaders selected to advance the interests of Russia, China, or another adversary.

    We must prevent this outcome. The special counsel isn’t the only avenue by which we will learn the truth about Russian election tricks, but it is an important source of facts on which to base an effective response. It must, therefore, be allowed to continue.