• Avoid The Mueller Road Block and Continue Economic Progress| McKean

    As an active Republican in Erie County and northwestern Pennsylvania, and like so many Americans, I’m thrilled with the economic growth that our nation and region is experiencing. Unemployment is at a nearly 50-year low, manufacturing jobs are coming back and the stock market has reached all-time record highs.

    President Trump and the Republican-led Congress, including our own Rep. Mike Kelly and Sen. Pat Toomey, deserve much of the credit for helping to pass the historic tax cuts and eliminating job-killing regulations.

    We have to keep the momentum going. One thing that I believe could stop the progress we have made is if the President or his administration attempts to interfere with the Russian collusion investigation. Even worse would be if the President fired Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    I certainly want this investigation to be over, but I think it best for President Trump and the country to let Mueller finish his job. As Sen. Toomey said, “I have every confidence that Robert Mueller will execute these responsibilities with integrity and professionalism.”

    By letting Mueller finish uninterrupted, President Trump will demonstrate that he supports the rule of law and puts the issue behind him. Doing anything else will distract him from growing the economy and give the Democrats the fodder they need to help derail his presidency.

    Kathey Scheuer

    McKean, Pa.