• Young Republicans in Pennsylvania Supports an Independent Judiciary and the Rule Of Law | Manny Jones

    Written By: Manny Jones

    These are difficult times. The country has split into partisan camps on an issue that should unite us all—defending our democracy against foreign interference.

    The question is the special counsel probe, which some Republicans fear will reflect badly on the President. This has led to uncharacteristic behavior, such as encouraging the White House to undermine an independent investigation. As a party, we should abandon this line of attack.

    Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has been a leader in this regard. He was among the first to co-sponsor legislation to protect our justice system by making it difficult to fire Robert Mueller without cause. I supported his action, primarily because such congressional clarity would ease Americans’ minds and tamp down unhelpful media speculation. Their hype and intrigue has only polarized opinion instead of instilling the public confidence respected lawman, former Marine, and longstanding Republican Robert Mueller so fully deserves.

    We need to correct the record. The special counsel probe centers on Vladimir Putin, and Mr. Mueller should be allowed to follow the facts right to his door. Surely we can all exhibit a little more patience while the investigative team completes their work. It is, after all, in our best interest to obtain a full accounting of Russian actions relative to the 2016 election so we can protect ourselves in 2020 and beyond.

    This will require some Republican leaders to take a stronger stand against the executive branch intervening in the constitutionally separate justice system. It may be a tough choice politically, but I’ve always believed independence is as much an asset in an elected official as it is a necessity in the judiciary. I suspect many voters will recognize the courage it takes to do what is right.