• Let Mueller End The Collusion Narrative With His Findings| Carnell Harley

    As a Republican Party leader, I’m thrilled with the results of President Trump’s economic polices.  Unemployment numbers are at an historic low for African Americans, the stock market is at an all-time high and our GDP is on the rise.  Those of us who supported candidate Trump in 2016 predicated an economic turnaround if he won, but even the most optimistic of us did not think we would witness an economic expansion this strong this soon.

    I’m confident that with the policies that President Trump has enacted our economy will continue to grow and expand job opportunities.  Only a political misstep by the president could stop the growth.

    One issue that concerns me, and other Republicans, is that the president will interfere with the Russian collusion investigation or fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, especially before the mid-term elections.

    I understand that the length of the investigation frustrates the president.  Most Republicans also are frustrated and believe that the president did not collude with the Russians.  However, the best way for the president to prove that and get this issue behind him is to let Mueller finish his investigation.

    By letting Mueller, who is a life-long Republican and a man of unquestioned integrity, finish the investigation, the president can unequivocally state that there was no collusion with him or his campaign in 2016.   It will emphatically prove to the American people that the president supports the rule of law, the independence of the Justice Department and, most importantly, allow him to continue focusing on growing our economy.