• Dear America: Focus on the Real News

    Written by: Molly Mazeine, PAFCR Communications Team | @MollyMazeine

    The past few weeks have been groundbreaking in terms of our relationship with the Korean Peninsula. For the first time ever, the leader of North Korea has agreed to meet personally with the President of the United States to discuss denuclearization and possible peace talks. On the domestic front, tax season has drawn to a close, and President Trump made it clear that next year will not consist of skyrocketing brackets and complicated paperwork. It’s been an eventful, productive spring for the Trump administration.

    Yet, my Twitter and Facebook feed is still clogged up with salacious news of Stormy Daniels. This scandal is being drawn out and has officially been deemed irrelevant by anyone who cares about or understands politics. An affair from nearly twenty years ago is being dug up and magnetized by the extremely liberal media, distracting the American public from the actual good works that the government is creating. We should not be focused on an unfaithful act from decades ago when President Trump was not even considering running for president. It’s unproductive and distracting that 60 Minutes hosted Stormy Daniel’s exclusive interview when there are a million things more important going on.

    It is appalling that many of my peers are more educated about this sex scandal than pertinent international and domestic issues. Daniels is so desperate for the spotlight and the liberal media is so desperate for negative news about President Trump that they are willing to prioritize trashy tabloid material over educating the American public about issues that actually concern them. CNN and other news outlets should be covering important things: the president’s meeting with Japan, the approaching North Korean meeting, the tariff situation with China, or the missiles we recently launched in Syria despite Russia’s involvement. These are the things that should clutter my social media pages.

    The bottom line is this: read the real news. Whether the outlet is or against the president’s agenda, it’s imperative that the American people read the real news, which is relevant, interesting, and pertains to our lives. A porn star’s former relationship with our president should be the furthest thing from CNN’s headline.