• Hillary Clinton Endorses Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’

    Written by: Reagan McCarthy and Karly Matthews | @reagmccarthy and @karlymatthews_

    Hillary Clinton still cannot seem to get out of the political spotlight, and once again came out swinging against conservative women.

    At the Grammy’s the two-time Presidential hopeful read an excerpt from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, which the Left has given praise to, despite Wolff’s low credibility. Mr. Wolff has already conceded that some parts of his book are not completely accurate, including the misspelling of important names or misrepresentation of events.

    Mr. Wolff is also responsible for a slanderous rumor about Ambassador Nikki Haley, claiming she had a secret affair with President Trump. Unsurprisingly, Secretary Clinton embraced a man who purposely smeared a conservative woman of high power, ensuring she herself stays in the spotlight. Clinton’s endorsement of Wolff is not the first time she has chosen political gain over standing with other women–multiple women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, have also credibly accused Mrs. Clinton of silencing their testimony.

    As well, allegations of sexual misconduct on Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign have surfaced recently. Instead of firing the offender, Clinton’s staff moved the victim to a different position and allowed the offender to continue on unscathed. Meanwhile Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio immediately flew from his home in Florida to the Capitol in order to fire his Chief of Staff accused of misconduct as soon as he was made aware. Yet, despite her lack of actual action, Clinton is still revered as a feminist icon by so many.

    Once again, Mrs. Clinton, self-proclaimed champion of women, proves that she is only willing to stand with other women when they abide by her agenda, or when it is convenient.