• Hey Nancy Pelosi, I’ll Take Some “Crumbs”

    Written by: Paige Gianfortune | @paige_mariaa

    Company bonuses may seem like “crumbs” to a wealthy bureaucrat like Nancy Pelosi, but I am sure the majority of Americans would gladly take a serving.

    Due to recently passed Trump tax bill, which slices the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, employers are rewarding and incentivizing their current employees to remain loyal to the company through monetary bonuses.  Companies such as Wal-Mart, AT&T, Comcast, and several others have jumped on this bandwagon.

    More money in the pockets of everyday Americans should be celebrated, right?  Well, maybe, except if you are a Democratic politician like Nancy Pelosi.

    One of the biggest talking points the Democrats have against Republicans is that Republicans are a bunch of greedy, wealthy businessmen who run the oh-so-evil “corporations” of the country.  Democrats argue that corporations – otherwise known as the “rich” – should be taxed more to create equity amongst everyone, “the middle class” and “low-income,” in our country.

    So what happens when those corporations are taxed less and reward employees with extra cash?  Well, this goes entirely against the Democratic talking points, and Democrats’ criticisms don’t carry much validity.  That’s why Pelosi had to diminish the magnitude of these bonuses by calling them mere “crumbs.”  But calling a bonus, no matter how small, a “crumb” shows just how out-of-touch Democrats like Nancy Pelosi actually are.  Take Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for example, who is giving 60,000 of their employees a $2,000 bonus.  $2,000 can pay for food for a family for a year, help defray the cost of medical bills, or, on a lighter note, help a family take a fun, much-needed summer vacation.

    From a woman who once said the government had to pass a health care bill to see what was in it, I guess the government had to cut the corporate tax rate by 14 percent to see what happens when companies have to give less to Uncle Sam and more to the average American.