• Tom Wolf Refused to Stand Up for Life

    Written By: Reagan McCarthy | @reagmccarthy

    Tom Wolf once again exposes his radical liberal agenda and defies the wishes of the Commonwealth’s residents whom he represents.

    Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Wolf vetoed a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks into pregnancy, with exceptions for emergencies, sent to his desk by the Republican-majority legislature. The legislation also would have protected unborn babies from violent, second-trimester abortion techniques such as dismemberment, which refers to a procedure during which doctors tear apart the unborn child, limb by limb, from the mother’s womb.

    Ironically, Governor Wolf called the Senate Bill 3 an assault on liberty:

    “Make no mistake about it…It’s an attack on their [women’s] health, their freedom, their choice, their liberties.”

    What Tom Wolf fails to recognize is that allowing late-term and partial birth abortion to be legal is an infringement upon liberty in and of itself–a violation of the individual liberty and right to life of the unborn child. His sentiments not only blatantly deny the scientific evidentiary support for the claim that babies at 20 weeks of age can indeed survive outside their mother’s womb, but also ignore Pennsylvanians’ support for a dismemberment ban.

    According to a poll by the PA Pro-Life Federation, “A survey of Pennsylvanians showed that the vast majority—61 percent—approve of a ban on lethal dismemberment abortions…The support is even higher among women, with 64 percent of female respondents in favor of such a ban.”

    Wolf’s veto of Senate Bill 3 is yet another exemplar of his radical agenda, and disregard for the will of his state legislature, and his constituents.